John never witnessed Jesus’ Crucifixion
Quran, 4:157

Eagle wrote:

Your gospels are unambiguous to the fact ALL disciples fled when Jesus got arrested and Peter’s fear of arrest caused him to repeatedly deny that he even knew Jesus.

ThereIs1Adonai wrote:

John was that disciple and he is the one who leaned on Jesus’ chest at the last supper. He writes this of himself.

Eagle wrote:

There is absolutely no proof that the unnamed disciple mentioned by John’s Gospel’s writer (mentioned in the 3rd person by the way, why would John mention himself in the 3rd person?) in Jn19:25-27 is John the son of Zebedee. That traditional interpretation is still a matter of dispute among scholars. Also, the other gospels don’t mention a “disciple whom Jesus loved”. They also say nothing about any disciple or any women being near the cross, or talking with Jesus while he was on the cross, not to mention that execution sites were guarded by Romans and surely wouldn’t allow anyone near.
That unknown and unnamed disciple you are referring to could be the author of John’s Gospel as it seems from Jn21:24.

Skenderbeg wrote:

Can you Muslims tell me then who was supposed to write it down for us to know?

Eagle wrote:

Jesus had very little followers in his lifetime.

Can your bible scholars say for sure who wrote the gospels attributed to Mark, John, Luke, Matthew? as 4:157-8 says, Jesus’ enemies claimed to have killed him, others that they crucified him and this grew into a legend which crept into those books whose authorship is questioned by modern scholarship.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friends

Very scholarly and truthful comments by Eagle; I agree with him.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Bible.


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One Response to “John never witnessed Jesus’ Crucifixion”

  1. sch Says:

    It is amazing that Muslims tend to search through the bible looking for fault and never read to understand the truth in it. This is because God said it will be hidden from the evil and fase prophets. the concept of Jesus and what he represents in blinded by the false teachings they have been brought up to believe. they tend to regurgitate the same so called “errors” they have found yet fail to see that all that was written in the quran was a mere feeble copy from the bible to promote a false religion.

    For example the sacrifice of Abrahams son which was written thousands of years before the quran stated that Abraham son was Issac and not Ismael as they proport it to be. Where was Islam before mohammed wrote the quran? they were worshiping the moon as evident in their religion; every festable governed by a full moon. the moon god “allah”

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