Jesus never had any girlfriends; why should the others have?

planck wrote:

Okay, I’ll agree with you. The Quran is the word of God…for sure. I’ll accept that.

Now, what does that mean for me? Can I beat my wife/girlfriend as is God’s word in 4:34? Can I start waging war on the infidels….as is God’s word in 9:29? Am I not supposed to take Christians and Jews as friends? Am I supposed to believe that the Jews are children of Apes and Pigs…..all that good stuff?

How soon can I start a jihad on the kafirs? How soon should I start transforming my great country and implement sharia law, just like Saudi Arabia?

If the Quran is the word of God, then God is a terrible writer.

Paarsurrey wrote:

Hi friend Planck

I thank you for accepting Quran as the word of the Creator- God Allah YHWH. It is indeed very natural to accept that fact.

You don’t have to start now doing anything mentioned by you:

1. You don’t have to beat your wife; Muhammad never did that.
2. You don’t have to wage war on the infidels. That was allowed only for a limited time due to the persecution of Muslims by the infidels. It is no more valid in the present scenario as prophesized by Muhammad himself. The Promised Messiah 1835-1908- Imam Mahdi has abolished such killings and explained the concept of Jihad from Quran.
3. One cannot have any girlfriends to have sex with; Jesus never had any girlfriends, why should the others do such things. One should be sincere with the girls, and if one wants, one could marry anyone of them.
4. You can have surely good Jews and good Christians as your friends; only at the time of war that was prohibited and cautioned. Please read #2 above.
5. Jews and Christians of our times are human beings; must be respected and loved as anyone else. They are not monkeys or pigs; who told you that?
6. You can read Quran and after understanding its logical and reasonable arguments and with your good character; you could convince others for the truth of Quran/Islam/Muhammad; that is the concept of Jihad.
7. There is no Sharia Law named in Quran; that might be the concept of Saudi Arabia, only. Saudi Arabia do not represent Quran/Islam/Muhammad.

Quran is a Word from the Merciful and Beneficent Creator – God Allah YHWH.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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