We must thank God Allah YHWH who mercifully saved ‎a cursed ‎death of truthful Jesus‎


Rev. Prince from Ouagadougou Burkina Faso says:‎
‎ ‎
I want you to surrender all to Christ this very moment as ‎you are reading through this email and contact us immediate ‎for immediate urgent prayer but you must wholesomely give ‎your life to Christ by accepting him as your lord and ‎personal saviour.‎

Paarsurrey says:‎

Hi friend Prince‎

I thank you for sending me the above message in e-mail. I ‎am sorry I don’t agree with me. I am ready to surrender to ‎God Allah YHWH as I am a sinner, but I cannot surrender to ‎Christ or Jesus as he was never a god. It was the cunning ‎Paul and the sinful scribes who made him a god while Jesus ‎was still alive and traveling in India accompanied by his ‎mother Mary and other faithful friends; after when he was ‎saved a cursed death on Cross by the mercy of God Allah ‎YHWH.‎

I think we all should love and follow God Allah YHWH as ‎mentioned in Quran and thank Him that He mercifully saved ‎the life of truthful Jesus. No use to surrender to Jesus ‎who died a natural and peaceful death in India and is ‎buried at Mohallah Khanyar Sirinagar, Kashmir, India.‎

I invite you to this God Allah YHWH- the Master of Jesus.‎

Please don’t mind.‎

I love Jesus and Mary


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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