I say I am a peaceful Ahmadi Muslim as I cannot hate the Muslims en-block

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July 18, 2009 • 11:39 am

Hi friend Arp

I don’t agree with you. I say I am a peaceful Ahmadi Muslim as I cannot hate the ‎Muslims en-block. One could condemn a certain incident done by a criminal; but it is ‎against the cause of humanity to condemn others who are not envolved in the incident ‎and to condemn the whole race of a people. This would be counterproductive and serve ‎on purpose. Please have a humanist approach; and don’t find fault with the innocent ‎Quran/Islam/Muhammad. If one loves humanity; Muslims are also a part of the ‎humanity; adn hence one should learn loving the Muslims also.

Would you like to inform us about your faith you previously had; and your current faith ‎you were converted to later?

All human beings are just like one family; one should learn respecting and loving ‎everyone and one should not hate anyone.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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