The deserting and sinful scribes of Bible fullfilled cunning Paul’s or their own agenda; which was different from Jesus’ in teachings as well as in Acts

Edbooked says:

Consider this…Dying with Jesus would have been easier than carrying on the work Jesus began while being pursued under threat of death throughout the lands. Why repeatedly risk death? Such acts require courage. Dying is easy. Doing one’s duty…completing one’s mission…in spite of the threat of enemy death…takes courage some suggest requires divine assistance.

Paarsurrey says:

Sorry, I don’t agree with you on this.

The scribes witnessed without being present on the scene of crucifixion; they did things not with the permission of their master Jesus; so it is weird to say they were couragious.

They never carried out the work of Jesus; they fullfilled cunning Paul’s or their own agenda, which was different from Jesus in teachings as well as in Acts. Jesus was at that time in India; and was unaware of their wrong doings at Rome.

I respect you opinion and faith.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Mulsim

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One Response to “The deserting and sinful scribes of Bible fullfilled cunning Paul’s or their own agenda; which was different from Jesus’ in teachings as well as in Acts”

  1. edbooked Says:

    When trying to understanding Christian perspectives you must remember their trinitarian concept. Christians suggest Paul was inspired and influenced by the one God (Father, Son = Jesus, and Holy Spirit)…3 in 1. Yes, this three persons to describe one God makes it difficult to follow their thought process. Nevertheless, that’s their understanding. Whenever one person of the Trinitarian God-Head is mentioned, one must remember the other two persons are also present. You can readily see how confusing this can be.
    Those not present when Jesus walked the earth perceive themselves as influenced by the Holy Spirit (remember 3 in 1), which, to them, is the same as being influenced by Jesus himself. This philosophical understanding, confusing though it may be, underpins Christian perspectives. Modern psychologists might suggest the human mind can conjure up all kinds of interpretations for things it can’t readily explain. They might also suggest this is humanity’s way of justifing any, if not all, perspectives presented. This shared human characteristic suggests Jews and Muslims might also use the pretext of being inspired by God to justify their view points, and subsequently, their actions. Many an evil deed has been perpetrated with good intentions. Fanaticism is to be avoided, whatever form it may take. Emotional reactions, as well as pure logic, can lead to false conclusions.


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