And then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908, the Promised Messiah, the Second Coming says:

Among the testimonies of the gospels which have reached us, is the following verse of Matthew: ‘And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.’ (See Matthew, chapter 24, verse 30).

The meaning of this verse is: Jesus (on whom be peace) says that a time will come when, from heaven, viz. as a result of the power of divine intervention, there would come into being knowledge, arguments and evidence which will invalidate the beliefs of Jesus’ divinity, his death on the Cross and his going up into heaven and coming again; and that heaven will bear witness against the lies of those who denied his being a true prophet, for example, the Jews; and who, on the other hand, regarded him, because of his crucifixion, as a man accursed, for the fact of his not having suffered death on the Cross and therefore of his not being accursed would be clearly established; that then all the nations of the earth, who had exaggerated or detracted from his true status would become greatly ashamed of their error; that, in the same age, when this fact would be established, people would see Jesus’ metaphorical descent to the earth,

i.e., in those very days the Promised Messiah, who would come in the power and spirit of Jesus, would appear with all the lustrous signs, and heavenly support and with the power and glory which would be recognised.

The verse — further explained — means that God’s destiny has made the personality of Jesus and fashioned the events of his life so as to cause some people to exaggerate, and others to minimize his status, i.e., there are people who have taken him out of the category of human beings, so much so that they say that he has not yet died and is sitting alive in heaven.

The people who have outrun these are those who say that, having died on the Cross and come to life again, he has gone up to heaven and become invested with all the powers of divinity; nay, he is God Himself. The other people are the Jews, who say that he was killed on the Cross and therefore (I take refuge with God for saying so) he is accursed for all time; he is doomed to be the object of perpetual wrath; God is displeased with him, and looks upon him as a hated enemy; that he is a liar and an impostor and (I take refuge with God for saying so) a Kafir, a rank unbeliever; that he is not from God.

This exaggeration and detraction were so unjust that it could not but be that God should clear His true prophet of these charges. The verse of the gospel mentioned before points to this fact. The statement that all the tribes of the earth would mourn, suggests that all those tribes to whom the description underlying the word ‘nation’ applies would mourn on that day; they would beat their breasts and cry, and great would be their mourning.

Here Christians should follow the verse in question with some attention; they should consider that when the verse contains the prophecy that all the nations would beat their breasts, how is it that they should have nothing to do with this mourning? Are they not a nation? When, in accordance with this verse, they are included among those who are the beaters of breasts, why do they not attend to their salvation? The verse clearly says that when the sign of Jesus would appear in heaven all the nations inhabiting the earth would mourn. So the man who says that his tribe would not mourn denies Jesus.

The people, however, who are yet small in number cannot have been the people hinted at in the prophecy; they are not fit to be described as a ‘nation’; and that, people or tribe are we; nay, ours is the only community which is outside the meaning and scope of this prophecy, for this community has yet only a few adherents to whom the word ‘nation’ or ‘tribe’ cannot be applied. Jesus, on the authority of divine inspiration, says that when a sign appears in the heavens all the people of the world who, on account of their numbers, would deserve to be described as a ‘tribe’ or ‘nation’ would beat their breasts; there would be no exception but a people small in number to whom the word ‘nation’ would not apply.

Neither Christians, nor Muslims, nor Jews, not yet any other denier, can keep out of this prophecy. Our Jama’at alone is outside its scope for they have just been sown as a seed by God. The word of a prophet can never fail. When the words contain the clear hint that every nation inhabiting the world would mourn, which of these people can claim to be outside their scope? Jesus admits of no exception in this verse. The group, however, which has not yet attained the size of a ‘tribe’ or a ‘nation’ is in any case an exception’ — viz. our Jama’at.

This prophecy has been clearly fulfilled in this age, for the truth which has now been discovered regarding Jesus is undoubtedly the cause of the mourning of all these tribes, for it has exposed the errors of all. The hue and cry of Christians over the divinity of Jesus changes into sighs of grief; the insistence of Muslims — day and night — that Jesus has gone up to the skies alive, changes into weeping and wailing; and as for the Jews, they lose everything.

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5 Responses to “And then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory”

  1. methodus Says:

    i could not tell where Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s commentary ended and where your opinions began. that said, it is clear that he either knows nothing about christian eschatology or was intentionally lying to his audience.


    • paarsurrey Says:

      Sorry for the mistake


      • methodus Says:

        so i don’t know what you’re getting at but i would have appreciated an honest reply. i now see that i shouldn’t have bothered at all.


    • paarsurrey Says:

      Hi friend methodus

      It is all from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908- the Promised Messiah- Imam Mahdi – The Second Coming of Jesus. In his first Coming Jesus never knew anything about christian eschatology as the present “Christianity” was never founded by Jesus but by clever Paul and the Church. Jesus was a Jew and a follower of the teachings of Moses. It is therefore obvious that Jesus was neither aware of the eschatology of the so called “Christians” in his first coming; nor he needs it in the Second Coming. He is guided by the Word of Revelation from the Creator- God Allah YHWH and so he gives guidance to others very truthfully.

      I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


      I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


  2. wudjab Says:


    Don’t waste your time with Mr. Ahmed.

    He’s a liar and a bigot.

    He imagines that saying “I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim” somehow changes everything.

    He is good at criticizing other religions, Christianity in particular but then is unable to answer a SINGLE QUESTION posed to him.


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