parable of the Atheist and the Theologist – paul8bee


I visited the blog of my friend paul8bee, from Vancouver , Canada. I found it to be very interesting; I want to share it with you.

Thanks to our friend paul8bee.

parable of the Atheist and the Theologist
April 9, 2009 — paul8bee

A little parable i wrote:

The Atheist and the Theologist

An atheist and a theologist go together to investigate a door that is marked with letters ‘GOD’. The atheist opens the door and walks into a room without windows. He concludes that the room is empty, and no material objects exist in the room, nothing at all, just an empty closed off room. So he shuts the door, and goes away convinced that the door marked with the letters ‘GOD’ leads to an empty room. He has no reason to ever go back.

Now, the theologist opens up the same door. He makes the same in initial observation as the atheist, the room is an empty windowless room, void of all material objects.

Now, the theologist has a small “Am/Fm” radio in his pocket, he takes it out and turns it on, and he finds a radio station. He concludes that although the room is void of any visible material objects, there must be radio waves present in the room.

Also he concludes that since he can hear the speaker, the room must also contain air for the sound waves to travel in. Also he confirms that there is air in the room by the fact that he is also breathing the air.

He then drops a coin and the coin falls to the floor. He concludes by this that there must also be the force of gravity present in the room, evidence supported by the fact that the coin did in fact drop to the floor.

The theologist by nature is inquisitive. He will ask one question after another. He asks himself how is it that he saw that the room was void of objects, if there were no windows in the room to let light in, and concludes that the light from the open door was also present in the room. If he shut the door then the light would not be present in the room.

Both the atheist and the theologist made discoveries. The only difference is that the theologists made ‘MORE” discoveries than did the atheist. The theologist arrived at a more thorough and complete understanding of what was behind the door that was marked “GOD”. The atheist just closed the door and walked away, convinced that he had seen it all.The theologist, however will not stop asking questions.

The atheist claims, ‘I have seen it all,”

The theologist asks, “Is there nothing more?”


atheism is either a belief that god does not exist or a lack of belief that god does exist.

psychology is basically the study of how human beings think,

theology is specifically the psycological study of how human beings either think or do not think about the concept of ‘god’

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6 Responses to “parable of the Atheist and the Theologist – paul8bee”

  1. Godless American Says:

    What’s really funny is how the theologist is the one that resorts to science and the atheist only uses his personal sense of reality. Totally switched around, hilarious!


    • paarsurrey Says:

      Hi friend Godless American

      Thank you for visiting my blog and making some comments. I also just visited your blog, and gone through the contents. Yours is a busy blog. You are welcome here; though your views would be differing views sometimes, but I don’t mind.

      I don’t think that the Atheists have any sole rights on science. Science is a natural faculty for the inquisitive minds, whether religious or irreligious, which evolved with man in centuries. I don’t think Science is a function of Atheism or Religiosity.

      It is free for any human without discrimination of being Theist or Non-Theist. There had been very great scientists who were amongst the Catholics Theists; and I admire them. There might be many, though not as great as Newton or Lois Pasture, nevertheless, there had been some scientists who are said to be Atheists; I admire them also. Any human being who has served God Allah YHWH well or who has served the Humanity, I admire them all.

      Sorry, I don’t admire and don’t agree that a humanist should have the as I find it on your blog:

      The Left Agenda

      “We are a liberal, left-wing, progressive, and atheist blog. Little respect is given to right-wing ideology or Republican talking points. We enjoy laughing at right-wingers, and have no qualms lambasting them either. We hope you enjoy the Left Agenda. Please comment, debate, argue, insult, and laugh as much as you like. We will.”

      Is it serving humanity or science? If you don’t mind; please feel free to tell us.

      I love the Atheists/Agnostics as human beings as I love the Catholics, Protestants and JWs or Mormons


      I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


      The fable is authored by our friend paul8bee and is exhibited on his blog:

      Please feel free to add your comments on his blog also for the diversity; he is a non-denominational Theist, from Vancouver, Canada.



    • paul8bee Says:

      “”What’s really funny is how the theologist is the one that resorts to science and the atheist only uses his personal sense of reality. Totally switched around, hilarious!””

      To Godless American:

      What is a Theologist? It is a psychologist who studies how human beings think, or do not think about the concept of god. A theologist is not a Theist. A Theologist is not obligated to believe anything at all, and in that respect , at least, the atheists and theologists have some things in common.

      But, The difference is, the theologist (psychologist) will not deny that people have ideas about god. If you think a thought, then that thought exists in your mind, and is therefore real, even if you are the only one having that particular thought. And, your thoughts will influence what you do, and how you feel.

      What people think about god, or devils, or punishment for sins, or hell, or the devil, or any of these things, influence peoples daily lives, sometimes for the good but other times for the bad.
      What we are talking about. Is Mental illness and psychosis. And by the way, crazy people do not know that they are crazy, or do they?

      In the simple little parable, the room with the door marked ‘God’ represents the human mind. The atheist finds little of interest there. He seems only to care about the material world. Things that can be seen and touched are the only things that he accepts as being real.

      A true theologist “is in fact a SCIENTIST”, but material science is much to limited when studying the human mind. He has to go into the realm of human imagination. And this is a world that is totally ‘whacked out’ most of the time. The things that exist in peoples minds cannot exist anywhere else but in the mind.

      Thoughts can not be seen or measured by rational science . There is no equipment that will confirm whether a person is thinking about a GOD, or a DOG. The bottom line is this. If a person says they believe in god, or the devil, or spaceships from mars, or any other crazy thing, then he does, even thou those things may not exist in the real world.

      So how do we help the believers find reality? You have to lead them to it. But you can’t show them the way if you have not found it yourself.

      The atheist seems to think that everyone is just going to snap back to reality. All they have to do is say the magic words: “God does not Exist”, and everything will be fine. In effect, the less you know the smarter you are.

      The theologist has a different approach. The smarter he gets, the less (he realizes) he knows. Theology is not for lazy people. Have you ever seen an atheist study a 5 year program at university for something that does not exist? Yet there are 5 year programs at university for things that do not exist.


  2. Godless American Says:

    Atheists aren’t trying to show anyone the way to anything. Having an imaginary friend is just that, having an imaginary friend. Theology is the study of god/gods, unless you’re going to a religious school which will teach more about the singular god. There’s lots of programs about “things that do not exist,” like philosophy, history, etc. None of these are tangible things.

    An atheist doesn’t think any thing is going to “snap back to reality,” by saying some magic words. How could we if religion has had a strangle hold on humans for thousands of years?

    ANY scholar, not just theologists, know that the more they learn the less they know. This isn’t because they are losing intelligence but because they realize there are lots of questions they never asked or thought of. Atheists aren’t not asking questions, they are the ones that have continued to ask questions and have yet to find any reasonable answer. Theists, on the other hand, pick one answer that suits them and are done with the question. Why do theists choose one religion over another? It’s not because they were asking more questions.

    An atheist could also be a theologist. I’m sure there’s been one before. Either an atheist that took classes, or someone that became atheist after taking classes. Theology doesn’t denote religious person, thought most non-religious people wouldn’t study something like that. When they do it’s most likely called Mythology, which is more accurate.


  3. Godless American Says:

    Here’s an example of an atheist theologist.


  4. paul8bee Says:

    Godless American:

    “”An atheist doesn’t think any thing is going to “snap back to reality,” by saying some magic words. How could we if religion has had a strangle hold on humans for thousands of years?””

    the fact of the matter is that self delusion has a strangle hold on humans for centuries. To single out Religion makes no sense. Self delusion is a trait of All Humans. It sounds like you are more “Anti Organized Religious” than you are atheist.

    “”Theists, on the other hand, pick one answer that suits them and are done with the question””

    God does not exist> End of story. You have picked your answer and that is it.

    Proof is sufficient evidence to convince. You need to do better. Something exists, that certain people call god. What is it? You say that this something does not exist, when it does. Thoughts exist. They are real and drive people do do all kinds of crazy things, or fantastically good things

    “”Theology doesn’t denote religious person,”

    You make no sense at all for the simple reason that you can not understand what god really is. God does not have to be supernatural. It does not have to be a bible god or any theistic conception. I could be nature, or the force of the universe. It could be the laws of physics or chemistry. It could be just about anything at all. When people speak of god, they are not All talking about Moses or Jesus or some Bible stuff. They are referring to reality. Some claim that god is Reality itself.

    Religion basically a program for living life. It may or may not include god. I know lots of people who have no formal religion. They make up their own religion. Brush your teeth, pay your bills, eat healthy, and help others. They take the best of all religions and programs and put together a program that works for them. It may or may not include a concept of god.

    I think you may be after what some call ‘False Prophets’. These are people who set themselves up as authorities, and teach BS to their followers. The sheep herders herd the sheep, right to the slaughter house.

    Thanks for the reply. It is nice to see someone was interested enough to reply to one of my posts, even thou the post is not even on my own blog.


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