Is it Paul’s or Jesus’ Christianity?

Is it Paul’s or Jesus’ Christianity?

brooksrobinson says:

I seem to be running into a lot of various readings online and in books, trying to paint Paul as the one who invented Christianity. They sort of cast Paul’s letters aside claiming he taught more then what Jesus intended, and thus we need to go back to the pure gospel. This sort of fails for two reasons…
In Christ,

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend brooksrobinson

I accessed your blog and I have gone through the above article. I quoted the first passage only as to me the article has been written on wrong hypothesis. The question which the topic suggests is about Paul and Jesus; not Paul vs. Peter or Paul vs. Gospels writers.

Why at all the sinful and clever Paul or the sinful scribes of the Gospels?

Bible presents Jesus as god; on what basis?

If it is on the basis of Paul or Gospels; that makes it a circular argument and Christianity reduces to a misnomer; it should be named after Paul.

The reasons or arguments should be from elsewhere; from a book or Gospel written by Jesus himself or dictated by Jesus, if it is to be truly called Christianity.

Jesus never, ever, appointed any attorney to write for him. So what the sinful disciples wrote, it had got nothing to do with Jesus or his teachings.

The topic suggests that the name Christianity has been named after Jesus while this is not truthful at all.

Jesus was at that time very much alive and was traveling towards India and the neighboring countries; unaware of the misdeeds of Paul and the scribes in his absence.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


Please put this post as comments to your article “Is it Paul’s or Jesus’ Christianity?”


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2 Responses to “Is it Paul’s or Jesus’ Christianity?”

  1. Collin Messer Says:


    It seems to me that you are saying that because Paul and the other apostles/disciples were sinful that their words are meaningless?

    First of all, all scripture is “God breathed”, meaning that it is inerrant and in line with God’s will.

    If I am wrong in my assumption then I apologize and maybe you could clarify for me.



    • paarsurrey Says:

      Hi friend Collin Messer

      Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting here. You are always welcome to comment; even if your comments are differing with me; it adds to our knowledge and friendship anyway. Please feel free to express yourself fully.

      I respect your faith.

      I don’t mean that because Paul and the other apostles/disciples were sinful so their words always have to be meaningless; yet what you would do if their words are actually found to have no divine credulity. We cannot take everything they said to be divine or for granted.

      I don’t see any merit in them to describe that whatever they wrote in their scriptures was “God breathed”. Jesus never said that whatever these disciples said is to be believed truthful. Even before Jesus himself, they said things which Jesus did not like. They were supposed to be faithful with Jesus that is why they are called disciples; but they deserted him when he needed them; they fled away from the scene of the Cross.

      Later these deserters and unfaithful people came up with stories, eulogizing Jesus; why should we accept such stories and fables without scrutinizing them. Why should we become blind; when we can see through the things with the God gifted wisdom? We can apprehend the game they played with Jesus. Why should be we tight lipped about them; while they did things totally against Jesus’ wishes? We should expose trickery of Paul and the sinful scribes, if we are with Jesus. At least I would side with Jesus.

      When God Allah YHWH heard the prayers of Jesus done at the garden called Gethsemane; and saved Jesus life, and Jesus did not die a cursed death on Cross. When Jesus got cured of his injuries in Joseph Arimathea’s tomb he was laid, he slipped away secretly towards India along with Mary. He was disgusted with these so called disciples; and did not take them along.

      So they perhaps made up the stories disgusted, in shame and frustration.

      I doubt God ever breathed anything in their ears. It was Paul who whispered, conspired and eavesdropped foul things into their ears. Moreover one could see many things in their writings where they erred undoubtedly and talked against the will of God and very much out of line; how and why should we declare them inerrant?

      Paul and his associates took liberty as Jesus was not present there; he had gone to fulfill his mission assigned to him by God Allah YHWH; and he accomplished that mission successfully. Later Jesus died there respectfully, naturally and peacefully at the age of about 120 years as they say; and is buried in a tomb at Mohallah Khanyar, Sirinagar, Kashmir India.

      I think this helps. This is what I believe sincerely.

      I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


      I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


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