Babies are innocent: won’t go to hell


I read a question at Busted Halo – an online magazine of the Christians:

The Question : Someone told me that if a baby dies before being baptized, the baby goes to hell. Is this true?

Paarsurrey says:

The answer given by the magazine is not correct, in my opinion.

Babies are innocent: won’t go to hell; good news from Quran for all Americans fathers, mothers and babies and also in the West.

This concept of the Catholics Protestants sending babies to the hell is inhuman and is simply not correct, in my opinion. Every human child born enjoys a respect from God and is innocent and definitely not sinful.

Sins start when one could distinguish between right and wrong; or when one is mature enough. Nobody inherits any sin. It is for this that AllahYHWH only is the master of Judgment; as only He knows as to how much a person can know right from the wrong. No human could judge any person for moral or spiritual sins on behalf of God; not even the church, nor one is entitled to forgive sins on behalf of God AllahYHWH, in my opinion.

Sins are not hereditary, in my opinion.

Jesus never said anything like that. This is the weird philosophy of Paul and of the mislead Church which is neither rational nor logical.

It is for scuh concepts of the clergy that the Churches have become machines or factories producing Atheists in America, in my opinion.The Church is driving away the intelligent person from God.

For God’s sake revise such wrong tenets to make following of Jesus relevant to America and the Americans. The lost souls can only be salvaged with real Jesus, his real Acts and his real Teachings.

I love Jesus s/o Adam as I love Adam and Eve, mentioned in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

P.S. I have added a page titled “Ask Paarsurrey” on my blog for the questions. Please view it on the side bar of my blog for peaceful questions and discussions. Everybody is welcome; even those who differ with me.


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2 Responses to “Babies are innocent: won’t go to hell”

  1. Doulos Says:

    This concept is most certainly not one started by Paul. The Eastern Orthodox Church, from which the Catholics schismed from have never taught this doctrine nor have they ever taught that sin is hereditary. That is a specifically Roman Catholic doctrine.

  2. paarsurrey Says:

    Hi friend Doulos,

    Thanking you for your input on my blog. I think this has been an attempt by the Catholics to eulogize Jesus unnecessarily. Jesus did not need this concept. I find that perhaps the Catholic Church think that their Jesus was a, I here take refuge in Allah, deaf and dumb god who neither could express himself in a straightforward manner nor could present a reason or wisdom. They have to continuously spoon feed him on the claims and reasons; this is what makes Jesus only a mythical god. Such a mythical god, you would please agree is redundant in this world. A real Jesus, perfect human beings, who understands and is not oblivious to the real moral and spiritual problems faced by the Americans and the West. An ascetic Jesus is not needed any more; as the problems would remains as it is.

    The Catholics and Protestants should now look to the humanitarian aspects of the issue; and should leave their stubborn stance.

    I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


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