of 32,000+ denominations of the Christians

Adding sense to Christianity

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The 32,000+ bothers Catholics too, since we are not a denomination. You’ve been on these forums long enough to know that.

What’s the count on Muslim denominations?


Paarsurrey says:


Thanks for your input in the thread. My emphasis was not on the denominations; though I came to know of the denominations of the Christians in this forum for the first time. In fact every single denomination from the Christian denominations; considers themselves as the truthful Christianity, exclude themselves as a denomination.

If anyone has a doubt on this; then one could ask from the JWs- the only true Christians, as they say or one can ask from the Protestants. I may relax it for the Catholics; as my intention is to unite them in One Christendom; my intention is not to divide them, in the least.

My emphasis, excuse me to rephrase it, was on all such religions that base their faith on the tenet “Jesus died a cursed death on Cross” invented by Paul at Rome when Jesus was traveling to India with Mary his mother.

We Muslims don’t take pride in having largest number of denominations; that pride may rest with the Christians only, if they like.

We stop at the number of 72 to which the Traditional Islam was to divide as prophesized by Muhammad until the advent of Second Coming 1835-1908.

If one as a Catholic believes that “Jesus died a cursed death on Cross”; Second Coming 1835-1908 addressed him to review his opinion. One can refute him with reasonable, rational and logical arguments.

No compulsion, whatsoever.

I love Jesus and Mary as I do love Buddha and Krishna.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim:

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