The Disciples stole Jesus’ body and faked His resurrection

The above title “The Disciples stole Jesus’ body and faked His resurrection” is only an allegation on the disciples put forward by the writer of the artilce appearing on the link:

The title holds no ground as Jesus’ body was handed over to his disciples by Pontius Pilate and it is very much mentioned in the NTBible. The disciples took care of their Master and provided him with the best treatment available at the time.

The ointment specially prepared by the disciples and applied on the injured and unconcious body of Jesus is well known in medical history of the times is called “Marhum Hawariyyeen” which could be translated as “Ointment of the Disciples”. The same medical is also known as “Marhum Essa” which could be translated as “Ointment of Jesus”; as it was applied on the injured and uncoscious body of Jesus and then his body was wrapped with a lot of wrappings.

The Disciples (Nicodimus and Joseph Armithea) took care of injured Jesus and treated him in the spacious tomb.

When Jesus gained consiousness and was strong enough he showed himself up to the other disciples, he ate, drank and slept with them.

So where was the need of any resurrection when Jesus never died on the Cross in the first place?

I repeat here one of my posts in this blog:

Actions of disciples putting wrappings on Jesus’ body testify; Jesus was injured but alive when laid in the tomb

Paarsurrey says:

Why and what for; So many wrappings on Jesus?

Kindly let the wrappings of Jesus tell the story of Jesus that he did not die a cursed death on Cross but he survived as he had earlier foretold to show Sign of Jonah. Jesus migrated from Jerusalem and went to the East to spread his teachings in the ten tribes of the house of Israel who were settled there; a primary mission of Jesus as he had also told.

The question to start with is; why Jesus was wrapped into in the first place? The wrappings speak that the persons who wrapped him were sure that Jesus had not died on the Cross.

A dead body needs no wrappings whatsoever.The body of a dead person is covered with a shroud that is the Jewish, Christian and Muslim tradition I think. The dead body is given a bath or washed and is wrapped into a shroud/s.The final funeral ceremony is held, and it is placed in the grave.

Please quote from some Jewish, Christian and Muslim sources if I am wrong.

1. When and where Jesus was given a bath or his body was washed.

2. Did the disciples ,who had fled away from the scene of crucifixion, were informed of the funeral ceremony? If not, why not?

3. Who lead the funeral prayer?

5. Was funeral ceremony held in Jewish tradition or Christian tradition? Christian tradition was invented later by Paul or his church unauthorized. Jesus had given no such tradition.

If those who were trusted with the body of Jesus did not participate or arrange the above; and we find no such recorded account in the four gospels, it is sure those who looked after his body knew that Jesus was not dead and hence they did not do it.

The injured body always needs wrappings after application of the ointments or medicines in the garb of fragrances.

I think the rest is very clear.

Those who wrapped Jesus; they are the ones or their helping friends who are supposed to unwrap him. If they could put him in a tomb and placed a stone on the opining; they could help Jesus to push the stone away, unwrap him and let him go.

This is very reasonable. I think you agree with me.

I love Jesus and Muhammad.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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