“Religion is a form of Child Abuse” – An un-natural and unscientific concept

Les’s Life Lessons Says:


I believe that religion being forced onto children a form of child abuse – I wholeheartedly believe that it is, and I am NOT alone on that one.

Religion comes with so much baggage – it’s full of dogma that forces a particular view of the world into line with other people’s view. It simply is not a case of right and wrong – we have laws for that – to which most of us believe in and adhere to. We do not need to go once a week to have those laws reinforced to us in a sermon unlike religion. For the majority of our society the following is true: We know them – we understand them – at least in principal, and we adhere to them.

Religion on the other hand is a view of the world, and indeed the universe as a whole. It can be argued that it is the opposite to the scientific version of the same. A universe where god is “universally” known to exist 100% and accepted as such, would be a radically different universe to the one we have, where only a segment of society believes this. Therefore it can be argued that forcing this belief onto a child without common cause for explanation or debate is a form of child abuse.

The baggage it contains is enormous – from intelligent design, to life-after death. It’s just not fair to force such heavily weighted opinions on a child who has no capacity to either debate or refute them.


Paarsurrey says:

I don’t think that the above is a correct concept. It should be compared with a language and other social behaviour a child is moulded into from the infancy. It is a right of a child and it parents that he receives his traits from his parents. If we favour one and deny another; that would be a most unreasonable thing to do, a biased approach I must say. The child learns say learns English from his parents; would it be reasonable to say that it is biased towards French or other languages and the child should not be allowed to learn any language from his parents.

Let the child learn all the social behaviours from his parents with love; it is his right and his parents’ right. Those whe deny this; their approach is most un-natural and unreasonable.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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One Response to ““Religion is a form of Child Abuse” – An un-natural and unscientific concept”

  1. vknfal Says:

    Churches are really successful in addressing unmet needs to “belong to something greater than ourselves.”

    Based upon years of pioneering research on Loneliness by J. Cacioppo, the most striking finding about health and religion is that regular church attendance is associated with a huge improvement in morbidity, mortality stats. It isn’t pray, it isn’t faith….it’s showing up once a week with like minded people and “sharing the feeling” of togetherness. There’s even a dose effect. Those who do church more than once a week have even better health than the once a week people.

    Science validates the “love one another”, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” message. It’s not just idealism–it’s hard science. That kind of altruism and other-directed behavior is physically good for you…not just morally good for you.

    Check it out at http://www.scienceofloneliness.com/. Or read: Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection, by Cacioppo&Patrick. Available at Amazon.com

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