Jesus’ prayer offered at Gethsemane was accepted- he escaped a cursed death on Cross

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“God works in mysterious ways” What does that mean anyway?

Paarsurrey answers:


Jesus was put on Cross, was humilated, nailed down and he suffered on Cross. Yet he was delivered from the Cross alive. He had declared beforehand that he would show sign of Jonah, so that is exactly what happened. He was treated for the injuries in the tomb he was laid in and he survived a cursed death on Cross. This is because “God works in mysterious ways” and helps his righteous persons.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

“Jesus in India” by the Promised Messiah 1835-1908

Promised Messiah 1835-1908 Says:

Among the testimonies which show that Jesus (peace be on him) was saved from the Cross is the one narrated in Matthew, chapter 26, verses 36 to 46, which relate that after getting information, through revelation, of his impending arrest, Jesus prayed to God all night, on his face, and in tears, and such prayer offered with such humility, and for which Jesus had ample time, could not go unaccepted; for the cry of an elect of God, addressed at a time of distress, is never turned down. How was it then, that the prayer of Jesus which he had addressed all night with a painful heart and in a state of distress was rejected? Jesus had said: The Father who is in heaven listens to me.

Therefore, when his prayer addressed in such a state of distress was not heard, how can it be said that God heard his prayers? The gospels also show that Jesus (peace be on him) was certain at heart that his prayer had been accepted; he had great confidence in that prayer. That is why when he was arrested and put on the Cross, and when he found the circumstances not according to his expectations, he involuntarily cried ‘Eli, Eli lama sabachthani’, meaning, ‘My God, my God why hast Thou forsaken me.’, i.e., he did not expect that it would come to this — that he would die on the Cross. He believed that his prayer would be heard.

So, both these references to the gospel show that Jesus firmly believed that his prayer would be heard and accepted, that his tearful supplications addressed throughout the night would not be wasted, whereas he had himself taught his disciples, on divine authority: When you pray, the prayer will be accepted. Further, he had also narrated the parable of the judge who feared neither man nor God. The purpose of this parable was that the disciples should realise that God undoubtedly answered prayers. Although Jesus knew from God that there was a great affliction in store for him, yet, like all righteous persons, he prayed to God, believing that there was nothing impossible for God and that God determined whether any events would happen or not.

Therefore, the rejection of Jesus’ own prayer would have shaken the faith of the disciples. Was it possible to place before the disciples an example destructive of their faith? If they had seen with their own eyes that the prayer of a great prophet like Jesus, addressed all night with burning passion, was not accepted, the unfortunate example would have been very trying for their faith. Therefore, the Merciful God could not but have accepted this prayer. It is certain the prayer offered at Gethsemane was accepted.

The viewers are free to form their own opinion and search for truth and accept wherever they find.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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3 Responses to “Jesus’ prayer offered at Gethsemane was accepted- he escaped a cursed death on Cross”

  1. Tim Wilson Says:

    Dear Paarsurrey

    You left a comment on my blog which I’ve answered Sorry it took so long! I would love to discuss these things more with you.

    Yours in Christ

    P.S. Apologies for replying on a completely unrelated post, there was no way to contact you otherwise. Thank you for your patience.


  2. Elder(:)Child Says:

    Who is this ‘christian’ ‘jesus’?

    Truth is the name ‘jesus’ was first imagined some
    500 years, or so, ago! Truth is that the name ‘jesus’
    was not spoken for some 1500 years after The
    Messiah “ascended to His GOD and Father”.

    And The Messiah’s GOD is The GOD of His Brethren
    and The Messiah’s Father is The Father of His Brethren.

    The Messiah, “ascended to His GOD” and was the
    “first-born of many Brethren”, “The Beginning of The
    Creation of The Only True GOD”.

    The Messiah(‘christ’) is “the mediator between The
    Only True GOD and man”.

    The Messiah’s GOD given name when translated
    into today’s english would be Joshua. Should not
    The Son of The Only True GOD be called by The
    Name given to Him by His Father and GOD? Yet
    His exalted title is The Messiah, The Son of The
    Living GOD, for as there is only One True GOD,
    so also there is only One True Messiah, Yahshua
    (Joshua in modern day english)The Son of GOD!

    The Messiah testified, “I ascend to My GOD and
    your GOD, to My Father and your Father”!

    Truth also testifies that the name ‘jesus’ was “imag”ined
    just prior to what ‘the god of this world’ and his ‘christianity’
    declared to be the ‘reformation’. That also was some 500
    years, or so, ago.

    Prior to the ‘reformation’ there was no letter ‘j’ in the english
    language! Indeed ‘catholicism’ was reformed, in the sense
    of being restructured and made to appear differently. The
    various ‘re-formed’ systems of religion were, and are, her
    offspring! And they all bear the ‘mark’ of their ‘god’ ‘jesus’!

    Either they name one head of their three headed pagan
    ‘god’ ‘jesus’ or they make the one they call ‘jesus’ their
    ‘god’. All are but harlot religions fornicating with ‘the
    god of this world’ because they love this world, it’s things,
    and their own lives in and of this evil, wicked world!

    “The ONLY TRUE GOD”, HE Has No ‘god’!

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “The Messiah is The Son of The Living GOD”!
    “catholic/christian” lies:
    ‘jesus’ is ‘god’ or 1/3 of a ‘god’ or an angel or ????

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “Love your enemies! Turn the other cheek”!
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    fight and war in the flesh! kill your enemies ;-(

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “This world is evil!” “Come Out of her, MY people”!
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    we can change this world and make it ‘better’ ;-(

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “The WHOLE world lies in wickedness”!
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    there are righteous nations, the usa and others ;-(

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “Love not the world or the things of this world”!
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    love this world and thank ‘god’ for it’s things ;-(

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “Pagans observe days, months and years”!
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    christmas, easter, halloween, ‘good’ friday, etc. ;-(

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “Serve The Only True GOD and HIM alone”!
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    serve family, country and their “imag”ined ‘god’ ;-(

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    GOD asks, “What building will you build unto ME”?
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    various buildings dedicated to their “imag”ined ‘god’ ;-(

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “As The Messiah suffered so His Brethren will suffer”!
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    eat, drink, be merry, especially during x-mass season ;-(

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “GOD helps those who cry unto HIM for help”!
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    ‘god’ helps those who help themselves ;-(

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “NO man has seen The Only True GOD”!
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    many saw their “imag”ined ‘god’ ‘jesus’ ;-(

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “GOD is Spirit and a Spirit has not flesh and bones”!
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    except for their “imag”ined ‘god’ ‘jesus’ that is ;-(

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “When you pray do so in private”!
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    pray aloud so that others might hear ;-(

    “Truth” Tesifies:
    “Swear not! Let your yes, be yes, your no, no”!
    “catholic/christian” folklore:
    put your hand on their ‘bible’ and swear to their ‘god’ ;-(

    The Messiah testified, “That they might know YOU,
    The ONLY TRUE GOD, and The Messiah, Whom YOU
    have sent”!

    The Messiah testified, “Love Your Enemies”!

    Islam, Judaism, and that which calls herself ‘christianity’:

    Religious systems of this world and all alike they are,
    for they have fought and killed both near and far;

    And then once a week or multiples times a day they pray,
    and then as hypocrites begin each new day;

    Days filled with deceit and lies,
    for in their religious systems Truth cannot abide;

    And so the fruit of death is born of their religious ways,
    for life is but a pawn in the wicked game they play!

    Multitudes have been seduced by ” the commandments
    and doctrines of men and devils”! Theo’ry’logy has bound
    the common people in the chains of “strong delusion”.

    The Only True GOD has given HIS Call, “Come out of her,
    MY people”, to all who are held captive by this wicked,
    evil world and it’s seductive religious systems, especially
    the one that calls herself “christianity”.

    “The mother of harlots”, “catholicism”, and her “protesting”
    “christian” daughters, as well as today’s “judaism” and
    “islam”, are but seductive harlots fornicating with ‘the god
    of this world’!

    They believe in, and are authors of, death ;-(

    The Only True GOD would have us “set our affections on
    things above”. HIS Children desire that which is eternal,
    and have quit serving ‘time’ in the prison that is this wicked
    world. HIS Children have heeded The Call to repent and:

    “Come out from among them and be seperate”!

    They have “Come out” of this wicked, evil world and it’s
    systems of religion for they realize that “the WHOLE world
    is under the control of the evil one”. (I John 5:19)

    Sadly, a wicked, worldly “christianity” and “catholicism”
    are reasons why “The Way of Truth is evil spoken of” ;-(
    (II Peter 2:2)

    Yet there is Hope!

    For Miracles do happen!

    Hope is there would be those who “set their affections on
    things above”, Heavenly things, for they will quit serving
    ‘time’ in the prison that is this world! Worldly systems but
    feed “the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride
    of life” and such systems are of mankind’s “imag”ination,
    and mankind’s “imag”ination is under the dominion of
    “the father of lies”, he who is “the god of this world”, he
    who is “d”evil spirit of darkness who genders but death,
    destruction, perversion, and fear!

    Heed GOD’s Call and “Come out of her, MY people”!

    Experience Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) that
    is of this wicked world and it’s systems of religion, for “the
    WHOLE world is under the control of the evil one”……. francisco


  3. paarsurrey Says:

    Hi Tim!

    Thank you for conveying your message to me. I try to reply your pospt by writing a comment on your blog on your post; but due to some problem in some feature of the wordpress it was discarded. I then left messages in your “contact me” box and also my e-mail. Please do reply me. I think a peaceful discussion will benefit us both.


    I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


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