The exaggerated accounts of the NTBible


tree63fan Says:
June 16, 2008 at 3:11 pm   


Hi again,

I am curious what reason you have for “knowing” the NTBible accounts are exaggerated? I wasn’t there to watch things unfold, and historical and archaelogical references all match up with everything that has been uncovered to date. I have found no reason to doubt the NT accounts as they are written. Also, what information do you have that the scribes were not the disciples or not friends who were dicating what the disciples told them to write (as they claim in some instances)? Many of the disciples were not educated, therefore could not write. The educated, like Luke who was a doctor, could write for themselves. The differences in the accounts are actually something that helps to validate the writings, NOT invalidate. It would be far more fishy if all the gospel accounts said EXACTLY the same thing. When many people witness the same events, there are always slightly differing accounts of what occurred. The Gospels follow this pattern.


Paarsurrey replies:


Hi tree63fan!


I respect your faith; one could have any faith as a human being and I have no objection to that, I would only respect and love the man inside.

I would like to quote here,for the time being, from the PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 that the accounts of the NTBible written by scribes are exaggerated; and I think it would be interesting for you.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Jesus was not crucified, i.e., he did not die on the Cross, for his personality did not deserve the underlying consequence of death on the Cross. Not having been crucified, he was spared the impure implications of a curse, and no doubt it also proves that he did not go to heaven, for going to heaven formed part of this whole scheme and was a consequence of the idea of his having been crucified. Therefore, when it is proved that he was neither accursed, nor did he go to hell for three days, nor did he suffer death the other part of the scheme, namely, that he went to heaven, is proved to be wrong. On this point the Bible has more evidence which I proceed to state below. There is the statement of Jesus: ‘But after I am risen again, I will go before you into Galilee’ (Matthew: chapter 26, verse 32). This verse clearly shows that Jesus, after he had come out of the tomb, went to Galilee and not to heaven. Jesus’ words ‘After I am risen’ do not mean his rising up alive after he was dead; rather, as in the eyes of the Jews and the common people he had died on the Cross, he used words beforehand consistent with what they were to think of him in the future, and indeed, the man who was placed on the Cross, in whose hands and feet nails had been driven till he had fainted from pain, had become as good as dead; if such a man was saved from such a calamity and if he recovered his senses it would not be an exaggeration on his part to say that he had come to life again. There is no doubt that after so much suffering, Jesus’ escape from death was a miracle; it was no ordinary event. But to think that he had died is wrong. It is true that in the books of the New Testament words of this kind occur, but this is a mistake of the writers of those books, just as they had committed mistakes in recording several other historical events. Commentators who have made researches into these books admit that the books of the New Testament have two parts: (1) the spiritual instruction received by the disciples from Jesus (peace be on him) which is the essence of the teachings of the Gospel; (2) historical events — like the genealogy of Jesus; his arrest and his being beaten; the existence in his time of a miraculous pond, etc. These, the writers recorded by themselves; they were not revealed; rather, they were set down in accordance with the writer’s own ideas. In some places there are undue exaggerations, as where it is stated that if all the miracles and works of Jesus were recorded in books, the earth would not be able to accommodate these books. How exaggerated is this statement!

I like your comments;kindly keep in touch. Please treat it only as a friendly discussion not as a contentious debate. God bless you!


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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