What is reality? Did Jesus die on cross?

What is reality? Did Jesus die on cross? Or he did not die on cross,


In my opinion Jesus  was delivered alive from cross, was treated in the room-like tomb by his close disciples, thus he survived from death, migrated to 10 tribes of the Israel and died later at some point in the history.It is very important for bringing unity in the Abrahamic religions i.e. Jews, Christians and the Muslims or if not possible at least understanding among the three.

Importance for the Jews

It is to be investigated as to why they tried to kill Jesus/Christ or put him on the cross. Were they politically motivated or due to some personal enmity or due to religious injunctions. Since they believed in Torah or the Old Testament as named by the Christians, and the Muslims also believe in Torah to an extant. The motive and the incidence of putting Jesus on cross should therefore be discussed. Anybody could take part in the discussion but references if any should be mainly from Torah the religious book of the Jews, not from the New Testament or Quran as Jews don’t believe in these books and reference to these books will be of no significance for them. The Jews have to state as to why they (or their elders in history) tried to kill an innocent person called Jesus. They should clear off their position in this respect.
Importance for the Christians
The incident of crucifixion and the events related to it should be discussed in the Christian also and the arguments should be primarily based with reference to the testimony of the New Testament and the historic evidences if any.Giving arguments from Quran would be of little significance for Christians unless somebody first convinces Christians of authenticity of Quran.

Importance for the Muslims

This is also very important for the Muslims. All Muslims do not believe that Jesus (or Issa) died on cross or even he was put on cross, there are different interpretations and beliefs among the Muslims based on Quran or tradition. Resolving this issue could unite the Muslims also. This is also one of the the central point concerning the Muslims also and for that the arguments should be primarily from Muslim scriptures Quran and Sunnah.

So to me this should be discussed in between the Jews, Christians and the Muslims for a better understanding.

We unite in truth, by myths and fictions we are off the path.This would be a useful topic of comparative study of the religions, I think.




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2 Responses to “What is reality? Did Jesus die on cross?”

  1. tree63fan Says:

    Hi, you responded to my “The Deliberate Ruminator” blog about the crucifixion. Thanks! You also asked me to post any thoughts here. I just had two thoughts that seem to clearly go against your beliefs. I have no problem if you believe differently and I want to first make that clear.

    Here are my thoughts.
    1. Regarding Jonah, and your belief that the analogy in Matthew 12 says Jesus didn’t die since Jonah didn’t die. This is an analogy regarding time, not the specifics of what happened to the individual. Your extrapolation is similar to saying, just as I rode the rollercoaster for 2 days, so did my friend ride the rollercoaster for 2 says. Then we add, that my friend died on the rollercoaster, and thus that means I died as well? I don’t follow your logic, respectfully. Jesus was on the cross and died at the end of the 1st day, was dead the 2nd day and arose the morning of the 3rd day. This is what the reference refers to, that he was dead (in hell) over a 3 day period just as Jonah was in the belly of a fish for a 3 day period (some would say that would be a bit like hell).
    I agree that the analogy requires that there was some sort of transformation. Jonah was transformed into an obedient prophet, where Jesus was transformed into his spiritual self.
    2. Also, on this same topic relating to death. The sacrifices of the Jews involved the slaughter of a lamb in order to be forgiven of sin. The lamb was killed, blood was spilled. This was the LAW. If Jesus did not die, then no “atonement” occurred. Jesus repeatedly was referred to as the lamb of God (John the Baptist for one, as well as Jesus himself said this). Jesus always states he is returning to the “right hand of the Father”. He states “Where I go you cannot follow”. None of these statements can be reconciled with a belief that Jesus did not die. If Jesus did not die, then he lied. Jesus said he was God, we know God cannot lie, thus it is hard to see where your logic is coming from. Again, you may believe what you want to believe, but I think it is clear that in order to be saved from our sin, there had to be a special sacrifice more than a real lamb. Jesus was the lamb of God that fits this need. When something is sacrificed it dies, just as it has been recorded in the bible as well as in the writings of Josephus who was not a Christian. Most importantly, there is nothing we can do to earn our way into heaven. A murderer or liar is always these things. You cannot DO enough good to overcome a bad thing. That is why the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus was needed. Read my blog titled “One Sin” http://tree63fan.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/one-sin/ and “Sharing your Faith #2” http://tree63fan.wordpress.com/2008/05/31/sharing-your-faith-2/ to read a bit more about this logic.
    I hope you take these thoughts seriously, and not just see them as my views. These are the views based on historical, archaeological and prophetic documentation that is so numerous that it simply cannot be dismissed. The eyewitness accounts would also seem to contradict your views. Why would the disciples continue and lie about everything? There was nothing to gain and everything to lose… (I will also email this to you, since I don’t know if I will get a response this way..Thanks!)

  2. paarsurrey Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blogsite. Please do keep visiting my blog. You are also welcome to make peaceful comments and / or starting a discussion on any post/page there if you so like.
    I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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